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Portable Didgeridoo - Metatron´s Cube Art

Portable Didgeridoo for Travel

Soothing Meditation & Relaxation. Anywhere.

Dg-doo original portable digeridoo is a result of months of refinements to keep the same acoustics and sound of the 40,000+ years-old real didgeridoo (the world’s first wind instrument) but in a more portable shape.

Unlike most large and clunky digeridoo replicas that don’t produce the same sound, the Dg-doo portable digeridoos were specifically designed with an advanced 3d software to craft an innovative, more portable shape that preserves the sacred and authentic sound. The result is the design you see now - a long stick structure that is coiled up in a spiral and upscaled with a variety of laser-engraved patterns on solid wood.

Start your spiritual awakening and experience true moments of calmness with the meditating sounds of Dg-Doo didges. Make it your personal travel digeridoo and practice a peaceful life whenever & wherever you want.

Get your Dg-doo Didgeridoo now RISK-FREE!

Drone: C

Trupmets: D#3, C#4

12 inch (30cm) in diameter and 1,5" (4cm) width

Only weights 2 pounds (Less than 1 Kg)

Lenght of pipe : 5,2 " didgeridoo (1,6 mts)

Bell Size : 2,3 inch of bell (6 cm)

Mouthpiece: 32 mm